Manufacture of binders and custom folders, and distribution of office supplies

MILO is a dynamically developing company which has been on the European market for over 20 years. The company's core business since 1992 has been wholesale of office supplies and manufacture of custom binders and folders. The company manufactures cardboard stands, templates, samplers and custom clipboards, POS materials such as wobblers and hangers on an industrial scale. Our goal is to meet the expectations of all clients through harmonious cooperation that would guarantee sustainable development and a significant position on the market for both parties. We want to achieve this through a stable high quality of our products and services. We want our company to be associated with commitment and professionalism at every stage of our business.

Our clients:



Our offices:

  • Warszawa22 213 06 30
  • Poznań61 622 15 09
  • Katowice32 720 31 51
  • Kraków12 397 51 60
  • Wrocław71 736 02 05
  • Gdańsk58 731 39 70

MILO Headquarter, Poland:

97-500, Radomsko, ul. Leszka Czarnego 6
biuro[@], tel. 44 737 82 20
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We manufacture advertising folders and binders of the highest quality. With our products, such as advertising clipboards or packaging, our clients are offered new opportunities to promote their business activities. Advertising stands with individual overprints will make your company visible at a fair. Professional hardware facilities provide us with many production possibilities which result in different patterns of offer folders, templates and other advertising materials. We use our own transportation that allows deliver ordered products quickly. Our offices are located in many cities, including Warszawa, Poznań, Gdańsk, Kraków, Katowice.